ABOUt us / Why Choose Us

High Quality

“Quality” is one of our key differentiators in a crowded market. We are fully versed in international quality practices and standards and we would never compromise on quality. Our Quality Assurance System is conducted by our experienced metallurgists, mechanical engineers, fixture designer, CNC machinists and inspectors to ensure high quality on an ongoing basis. Our inspectors are especially strict to the Quality Control of Inspection, rejecting any samples or finished products that fail to meet your requirements. 100% inspection prior to packing and shipping ensures that only approved products are shipped. It is our goal to provide you with complete satisfaction through our commitments to quality and customer service.

Professional Knowledge

There is an old saying, “It is not what you know, but who you know". Our Precision Engineering Specialists bring your designs to life and create the best solutions for your business. We have extensive industry knowledge and can manufacture products to your requirements, whilst consulting on best practice. Thanks to our in-depth production expertise, we keep 100% sample approval rate which minimize your offshore manufacturing risk.

Cutting-edge Technology

In addition to the abundance of knowledge and expertise, we also apply 3D scanning, 3D printing, Solidworks, Pro/E, UG, AutoCad and state-of-the-art casting metal flow simulation software to minimize the time spent on sampling cycle. Our CNC machines are made by the world's finest machine builders such as Mitsubishi, DMG, OKK, O-M, OKUMA, Doosan and Haas. We also utilize the latest CMM hardware from Carl Zeiss Manufacturing. For inspection, we use various general gages which would be audited by the 3rd party as per ISO9001. The utilization of world’s finest machining equipment and latest software technology keeps us at the forefront of this industry.

One Stop Shop

For every metal part you need in your production line, we work seamlessly with strategic partners to fulfill a wide range of machining capabilities and supply chain capabilities covering castings, forgings and fabrication. In doing so, we save you from the trouble dealing with multiple suppliers and act as your quality control and logistics departments. It would be another cost saving by consolidating all the supply chain operations in one shop.

Efficient Communication

We communicate on your part needs more clearly and efficiently because we think and know your expectations standing in your shoes with many years’ experiences in serving world-class customers. We are very detail-oriented to our components and exactly honest to what we commit. Once your project is launched, we’ll assign a project manager who is totally responsible for tracking WIP, reporting weekly for regular production and daily basis communications for any new project or urgent orders. You will have a complete capture in real-time of everything you need to know about what you are buying from us.

Our Faith

Industrial component is about quality. We devote our heart and soul to this challenge. Our employees, who we call partners, are always heart of the company because it has nothing to do with business or money or a job, it is our passion. We made in faith, whether in the past or in the future, we will devote ourselves to industrial component manufacturing as long as the market needs our value.