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Product assembly service is one of our important business. We provide mechanical design, component sourcing, supply chain management and final assembly service. We had get several projects done, such as pipeline leak repair clamp and pneumatic acutator. We bring product to true in a quite short time and successfully cut cost down. Just call us or send email to us if you have any nice idea.

Pipeline Leak Repair Clamp

Repair Clamps provide pressure containment and, where grout filled, radial support to the pipe. Where a Pressure Containment Clamp is fitted with taper locks it becomes a Structural Clamp to provide axial restraint and structural integrity. The locks are configured as opposing sets which grip the pipe on either side of the defect. The locks are designed to transfer the full axial load of the pipe to the clamp body so allowing the clamp to withstand full pipeline separation loads.

We always get quick feed back of projects and good control of supply chain.

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single- and double-acting pneumatic piston actuator

Pneumatic Acutator

Processing and assembly:

1) Extruded aluminium body with cast aluminium end
2)capsoptional surface treatment available
3)Corrosion resistant cylinders and nickel-plated pinion

The actuator is a pneumatic device for the remote operation of industrial valves. The actuator will operate through 90 degrees. The option is available for 120 or 180 degrees of rotation permitting the opening and closing of many types of 1/4 turn valves.

All the necessary technical information to install the actuator correctly and safely onto a vale ie dimensions, and output torque. Air volume, stroke adjustment operating time. Operating temperature, the direction of rotation and weight is stated clearly on the actuator label.