Matson's Ongoing Custom Metal Part Projects

Jul. 21,2020

Matson is your one stop supplier of custom metal parts made from machining, castings, forging and fabrication. Over the past 20 years, running a machining factory and keeping partner relationships with qualified subcontract-ors, we have built our coIn 2019, Matson made over 200 new parts.

In the first half of 2020, Matson made over 150 new parts. Currently, Matson is doing over 20 projects now. Most of them are custom metal parts but we also enable to supply standard parts such as nuts and bolts. We are now doing such a project, some valve casting parts and pump parts projects, some auto parts projects. Last week, we finished the titanium casting impeller for an American customer. We know your expectations very well. Please do not hesitate to contact us whenever we could help on your part projects.