Summary of precision casting process -- I

Dec. 17,2021

Precision casting is a special casting method compared with the traditional casting process.
It can obtain relatively accurate shape and high casting accuracy.
The more common practice is:

  1. First, design and manufacture according to the product requirements (very small or no allowance can be left) for the mold, wax is cast by casting method to obtain the original wax mold;
  2. The coating and sanding process are repeated on the wax mold to harden the mold shell and dry; then the internal wax mold is dissolved to dewax and obtain the mold cavity;
  3. The mold shell is roasted to obtain sufficient strength and air permeability;
  4. The metal materials required are poured;
  5. The sand is removed after shelling to obtain the mold cavity Obtain high-precision finished products.
  6. Heat treatment and cold working shall be carried out according to the needs of the product.

precistion casting