Investment Casting Wax pattern

Jan. 11,2022

Wax lost casting wax pattern process operation :

  1. When repairing any kind of precision casting wax mold, wax repair personnel shall first find out which part to repair.
  2. Check the wax mold for bubbles, concavity, deformations and other defects. If any problems are found, timely notify the wax shooter to avoid batch wax mold waste.

3. Investment Mold repairing: remove the residual flash or parting line on the wax mold, and carefully and gently cut off the flash or parting line along the wax mold with the blade edge. The burr formed on both sides should be cut horizontally and then vertically. It is not allowed to cut obliquely and damage the wax mold. The small flash can also be directly erased with a soft cloth.

Wax mold concave repair: there are large and narrow concave places on the wax mold, which shall be repaired with repair wax, and the shape shall be correct after repair.

Bubble repair: all bubbles on the wax mold must be broken and repaired with repair wax. The shape after repair shall be correct. Flow mark repair: for polished parts and machined parts, use Vaseline wax to level them, and pay attention not to damage the wax mold itself. The repaired wax molds shall be blown off with an air gun, placed in a flat plate according to the process requirements, and sent to the inspection waiting area for inspection.
wax pattern tree for wax lost casting