Excellent Surface Painting Processing

Apr. 26,2022

surface treatment painting

Surface painting is the process of surface protection after machining.

Surface treatment painting is commonly specified by engineers to enhance a part’s appearance and corrosion resistance. Spray painting, electrostatic painting, dipping, brushing, and powder coat painting methods are some of the most common techniques used to apply the paint to the surface of the component. There are many types of paint formulations to protect metal parts in a wide range of physical environments. The automotive industry has automated the process of painting cars and trucks, utilizing thousands of robot arms and producing extremely consistent results.

Steps of Sray Paiting:

Before painting, first hang the workpiece on the assembly line and blow off the dust on the surface with an air pipe. Enter the spraying area for spraying, enter the drying area along the assembly line after spraying, and finally remove the sprayed workpiece from the assembly line.

The main spraying methods are manual spraying and automatic spraying.

Matson metals can provide you parts with a high-quality metal parts surface painting process. The finished product has a good surface and meets the requirements of environmental protection. It has strong surface adhesion and is not easy to burn. It can protect the metal surface for a long time. It has a much longer service life than the finished product painted with paint, but fewer colors.