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Sand casting is one of our important custom casting method in Matson metal. It is also called sand molded casting, and it include green sand casting and resin sand casting, they were widely used in many different material.

PSteel, iron and most non-ferrous alloy castings can be obtained by sand casting. Because the molding materials used in sand casting are cheap and easy to obtain, and the mold manufacturing is simple, it can adapt to the single piece production, batch production and mass production of castings. For a long time, it has been the basic process in casting production.

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Green Sand Castings

Green Sand and a amount of water are used as the main adhesive of molding sand. After making sand mold, it is directly combined and poured in wet state. Wet mold casting has a long history and is widely used. The strength of wet sand mold depends on the clay slurry formed by mixing clay and water in a certain proportion. Once the sand mold is mixed well, it has certain strength. After being pounded into the sand mold, it can meet the requirements of mold closing and pouring. Therefore, the amount of clay and moisture in molding sand are very important process factors.

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Resin casting

Resin sand casting is a new process with nearly no allowance and casting molding. This process does not need mold taking, parting surface and sand core, so the casting has no flash, burr and draft angle, and reduces the dimensional error caused by the combination of mold core. The surface roughness of castings can reach ra3.2 to 12.5 μ m; The dimensional accuracy of castings can reach CT7 to 9; The machining allowance is mostly 1.5 to 2mm, which can greatly reduce the cost of machining. Compared with the traditional sand casting method, it can reduce the machining room by 40% to 50%.

  Flexible design: it provides sufficient freedom for casting structure design. Highly complex castings can be produced through the combination of foam plastic blocks.

There is no sand core in traditional casting, so there will be no uneven casting wall thickness caused by inaccurate size of sand core or improper position of lower core in traditional sand mold casting.

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Sand Casting Progress Steps

Sand mixing
OP1.Sand mixing
and gas evolution
OP2.Sand gas evolution inspection
Sand Patten Making
OP3.Sand Patten Making
Turn over sand box
OP4.Turn over sand box
Sand casting mould making
OP5.Mould making
Core making
OP6.Core making
Core Coating
OP7.Core coating
patten dry
OP8.Patten drying
put patten into sanding box
OP9.Patten putting into mould
Resin sand casting
OP10.Sandbox closing
Resin sand casting
OP11.Material agent
Resin sand casting
Resin sand casting
OP13.Material sample taking
Resin sand casting
OP14.Material Pouring
Resin sand casting
OP15. Air cooling inoculation
Resin sand casting
OP16.Parts shake out
Resin sand casting
OP17.Remove Gate
Resin sand casting
OP18.Sand Blasting
Resin sand casting
OP19.Fine grinding
Resin sand casting
OP20.2nd time sand blasting
Resin sand casting
OP21.Parts Inspection
Resin sand casting
OP22.Parts Cleaning
Resin sand casting
OP23.Oil dipping
Resin sand casting
OP24.Parts Packing

Measuring equipements for final quality controlling!

FAQ for sand casting service

FAQ guide for all questions on sand casting serivce , hope it help you settle your hesitation in cooperation.

1. What is Sand Casting?

2. Which type of sand is used for sand casting?

3. What's the Advantages of Sand Casting

4. Sand Casting Materials?

5. What is the Cost of Sand Casting?

6. What Application is Sand Casting Used for?

1. What is Sand Casting?

Sand casting, it is also called sand molded casting, is a metal casting process that utilizes sand as the mold material. The expression “sand casting” can likewise allude to a product created through the sand casting process. In other words, the mold is made of compressed sand.

We can also define it as a manufacturing procedure where the liquid metal is filled the superfluous sand mold hole either by gravity or forcibly, where it hardens to frame the cavity shape. According to metal casting research, 60% of metal castings are produced through sand casting. This just goes to show how this method of producing metals is very popular across all the different industries.

2. Which type of sand is used for sand casting?

Can any sand be used for sand casting? The answer is a definite no. There are specific types of sand that can be used for the process.

Various types of sand are used for casting prospects. The perfect sand should hold up under mechanical pressure yet additionally be sufficiently porous to permit gasses and steam to escape during sand casting.

The picked sand should likewise join perfect flowability levels for your application. Its moisture content ought to be correctly picked. Sand with extremely low moisture content can cause the mold to break. On the other hand, the sand with high moisture content can cause saturation of steam in the mold. Sand grain shape and size likewise influence mold quality, just as the sand’s capacity to withstand high temperature (otherwise called obstinate quality). This can cause the mold to collapse when subjected to extreme pressure.

3. What's the Advantages of Sand Casting

As a manufacturer, why should I consider sand casting services? This is a big question that you may ask.

There are many benefits that you can gain from this essential service. Let’s look at some advantages of sand casting.

4. Sand Casting Materials?

Like other metal processing techniques, not all metals are qualified to be processed by a particular method.

There are some techniques that can limit which metals to be processed and which ones cannot.

As we have already mentioned, sand casting is a versatile method that can be easily used on different types of metals.

The most common metals that can be processed through sand casting include cast iron, cast steel, aluminum alloys, and brass alloys.

All these alloys can be processed together with their respective alloys.

Since they have different casting temperatures, the casting service company has advanced equipment that can be used to change the temperature depending on the specifications of the metals.

5. What is the Cost of Sand Casting?

When looking for the best sand casting services, one of the issues that you cannot ignore is the cost factor. How much does it cost to have my metals sand cast?

It is obvious that the cost of sand casting is not fixed. It keeps varying depending on several parameters.

One of the factors is the material to be sand cast. Since different metals have their unique properties, you should not expect all of them to cost the same. Some are cheaper than others.

The volume or quantity of the material to be processed also matters. Metal casting large quantities of metal will cost you more than when you process small quantities.

However, you can still get an affordable metal casting service even with high volumes of metals. This is where the economy of scale plays its role.

The design, shape, and dimension of the material will also determine the cost of sand casting. Complex and sophisticated metal sand casting designs will cost more than just ordinary designs.

6. What Application is Sand Casting Used for?

Sand casting has a wide range of industrial applications in the modern world. Some of the most common areas in which this metal casting service is used include:

And many other applications that we have not listed. You can also consult a reliable sand casting company in China to know whether your part or product can be sand cast.