Pump and Compressor--Accessory Drive Gear

Feb. 09,2022

[Original Material] Hot Rolled 8620 Alloy Steel
[Problems Solved] Cost Reduction, Machining Cycle Time, Heat Treat Growth
[Cost Savings] Total part cost reduced by 33%

pump and compressor machining improvement

Utilized in compressive and air hydraulic pumps in diesel engines, the accessory gear component is a high-volume production part for an end-user gear manufacturer. Casting iron from 8620 steel provided numerous benefits for the gear manufacturer, including reduced cost, improved quality, and faster machinability.
In addition to the faster machining cycle times achieved simply due to Matson metal's continuous cast process and intrinsic graphite properties, the gear manufacturer was able to save time and money by eliminating the deburring and finish grinding processes. And with Matson's inherent ability to dampen vibration, the gear component produced is quieter. Since it weighs approximately 10% less than steel, it is also a lighter-weight part as well.
The improvements did not stop there, however. The gear component is austempered to increase wear resistance and the tooth bending life component is austempered. The microstructure in Matson can be controlled providing consistent heat treat growth.