Bearing Housing--Ship building

Feb. 09,2022

[Problems Solved] Availability, Weight Reduction, Cost Reduction
[Industry] Ship building
[Original Material] Hot Rolled 1018 Carbon Steel

gear machining
An end use customer in the shipbuilding industry was experiencing difficulties finding grades of 1018 and 1045 steel in diameters over 10” as required for a marine propulsion unit application. In addition, they also wanted to increase performance of the finished product by reducing the weight of the propulsion unit.
Matson ductile iron is the mechanical alternative low- to mid-carbons steels such as 1018 and 1045 and weighs in at 8-10% less than steel, reducing the overall weight of the finished propulsion unit product. Matson continuous cast iron bar stock is produced in diameters up to 20” and is readily available through a network of distributors with over 100 locations throughout the US and Canada, which easily solves the local availability of larger diameter material.