Hydraulic Manifold machining-Machinability, Pressure, Cost saving

Mar. 07,2022

[Problems Solved] Machinability, Pressure, Cost saving
[Industry] Machinery 
[Original Material]  Hot Rolled 1018 Carbon Steel

Cylinder Sleeve Machining
A manufacturer of manifolds had an initiative to reduce costs, and looked at how they might be able to manufacture the manifold quicker. They needed a more machinable material that provided the required pressure retention of the application.

Matson Metal provided a material with superior machinability and comparable performance to the 1018 steel. By making the switch, the customer was able to benefit from several of Matson Metal material advantages. They included little to no deburring required, less time changing inserts because the Matson Metal was easier on the tooling, and most importantly cutting the machining cycle time in half. The result was a significantly lower total cost to produce the part.
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