Maton Metal After-sale Pump Impeller with 3D Scanning to Build 3D drawing

Apr. 06,2022

After-sale parts  custom casting is one of our businesses. Matson Metal can help you do small-batch parts production.
You don't have 3D drawing? Don't worry,  just work with us. We have 3D scanning technology to help you to build up 3D drawing
Below is one of our cases for pump impeller casting and machining:

This is an after-service  Pump Impeller without any drawing from a client. 

After we get the sample, our team did below work:
1. 3D scanning--- get it estimated and scanned. 
2. Casting Mold design and making.
3. Produce new products.
4. Machining after Casting.
5. Dynamic Balance Test and Inspection.
Now we get a new final product, it is much better than the client's initial product. 
See below pictures for comparison. 

If you have similar problem, Welcome to contact us!