API certificated Custom Machined Screw Parts for Oil and Gas Industry

Sep. 07,2022

API certification is mainly responsible for the standardization of equipment used in the oil and gas industry to ensure the safety, reliability and interchangeability of equipment used in the industry.

API standards mainly specify equipment performance, sometimes including design and process specifications The technical standards for petrochemical and oil and gas extraction machinery and parts formulated by it have been adopted by many countries. When purchasing oil and gas machinery and accessories, companies in many countries in the Middle East, South America and Asia generally require products with API marks to be eligible to participate. Therefore, oil and gas machinery and equipment or accessories with API marks are not only considered reliable in quality but also advanced in level.

In today's world trade market,  purchasers (customers) generally require equipment and component manufacturers to produce and manufacture according to API specifications and provide products marked with API. On the other hand, manufacturers also generally accept and use API specifications from the perspective of quality management and meeting customer requirements. It can be seen that as a casting and processing production enterprise, having API certification also proves its own level of quality management.
Our company produces customized nuts and studs with API marks for customers.

Matson Metal can customize various sizes of accessories for clients, including customized casting, forging and machining processes Services.
Material includes Carbon Steel, Stainless steel Etc.